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                                            COOKING WITH BOER GOAT MEAT

Boer goat or boer kid meat can easily lose moisture and will become tough very quickly if it is exposed to high, dry and quick cooking times because it has such a low fat content

The two rules to stick to when cooking boer goat meat to ensure it does not dry out or toughen are to cook it slowly at a low temperature and to cook with some moisture, stock, wine etc

If you have a favourite goat meat recipe that you would like to share,  then please email it to us and once we have tried it with our boer goat meat we will publish it on our recipe page with your name and where you are from in the world.



Black Pepper Goat Meat Steaks with Mushrooms


2 boer goat meat steaks
Olive oil for frying / or frylite 
Crushed black pepper
10 medium sliced mushrooms                     

Heat up the frying pan with fry lite / olive oil.
Put boer goat meat steaks in the hot pan and then sprinkle with crushed black pepper.
Once seared, turn steaks over and put crushed black pepper on other side
When second side is seared, turn the heat down to low and turn every few minutes and cook for 15 to 25 minutes adding the mushrooms to the pan to cook at the same time.  This will give the steaks some of the mushroom flavour and the mushrooms will pick up the meat and black pepper flavour.
Cooking time will depend on thinckness of steak and how well cooked you like it.  I had fairly thick steaks but I like mine pink [rare to medium] so they were cooked for a bout 20 minutes

To reduce cooking time, you could tenderise the steaks before cooking with a meat tenderizer, use the side with multiple raised points. The goat meat steaks can then be cooked at a slightly higher temperature for less time.
Serve with

Jacket potato and a selection of vegetables


Chips, grilled tomato and a fried egg

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