Suppliers of Boer goat meat, pork, gluten free sausages, burgers and meatballs and breeders of free range boer goats, boer crosses, and rare breed pigs
                                                            SCRAPIE MONITORED, CAE ACCREDITED, JOHNES MONITORED WITH SAC
If you live locally and wish to visit the farm to purchase meat please ring in advance to place your order and to arrange a time to come and collect your meat.

Prices as at January 2013 but need to be confirmed at point of sale as prices may fluctuate

 Lamb Leg  £11.50 / kg
 Lamb Shoulder Bone In  £ 8.00 / kg
 Lamb Shoulder Boned and Rolled  £ 9.80 / kg
 Lamb Loin Boned and Rolled   £18.12 / kg
 Lamb Rack of Ribs   £15.90 / kg
 Lamb Barnsley Chops   £14.64 / kg
 Lamb Loin Chops  £14.00 / kg
 Lamb Noisettes Chops  £16.50 / kg
 Lamb Shank  £ 8.34 / kg
Lamb Breast Boned and Rolled  £ 7.50 / kg
 Lamb Mince  £ 8.00 / kg 
 Lamb Neck Fillet   £13.00 / kg
 Lamb Half Carcass [9 - 10kg before butchering]   £ 75.00
 Lamb Whole Carcass [x 2 half lamb carcass]   £140.00

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