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                                                    DEVESE GALLERY

These photos in this gallery show our goats having fun aswell as some of the kids that have been born on the farm 2009 to the end of 2010


February 2009 -                                                                          August 2009 -                                                                      August 2009 -
Playtime on an old caravan base                                   Playing King of the tree trunk                             Some of the 2009 breeding girls


August 2009 -                                                                 August 2009 -                                                                         August 2010
Enjoying the summer weather                                    Inspecting the new barn base                                Most of the breeding females
                                                                                                                                                                 enjoying  the sunshine and peace after
                                                                                                                                                                                kids are weaned


September 2009                                                              August 2010                                                              September 2010
  HERCULES                                                                      BLOSSOM                                                               BRAKEN - [Grade 3]
Our Pure bred male Boer goat                        Dairy/Angora Mother [Beauty] X Boer cross                           grade 4 cross mother X
Breeding male from 2009                                    50% boer cross father [Charlie]                                             pure bred boer father
Half brother to Lottie, Cleo, Anneto                                                                                                                 

April 2010 -                                                                   April 2010                                                             August 2010
Lyn's beautiful male from Hercules [pure Boer]                           GOLDIE                                                                    IVY
                                                                                       First kid born in 2010- 06/03/10                                 Last kid born in 2010 - 12/05/10

                 August 2010 -                                                                  April 2010                                                             August 2010
           ARONIA - grade 4 Boer goat                                    PANSY - grade 4 Boer goat                              SNOWDROP  grade 1 Boer goat

               August 2010                                                             August 2010                                                                 August 2010
POPPY - grade 4 Boer goat                                                CHERRY - Pure Boer goat                                        HOLLY - grade 4 Boer goat

                 August 2010                                                                        August 2010                                                     September 2010
            LILAC - grade 4 Boer goat                                         SAFFRON - grade 4 Boer goat                    CHERRY, Big Bow and Beanie's Boys
                                                                                                                                                                            enjoying the tractor tyre

                August 2010 -                                                                     November 2010                         
HERCULES, our breeding male, looking clean                       - a decidedly dirty Hercules wanting
before the start of the breeding season                         to say more than hello to some of the girls!!!

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