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                              GALLERY OF OUR 2010-2011 BREEDING GIRLS
                                                                From 25 March  2011 to  24 June 2011
                                        As the girls kid I will add in the date and what they have had

These photos show the breeding females for 2010 / 2011 that we have used with Hercules [our pure bred boer breeding male] with how many kids they had, what weights and sexes

 VIOLET  - ungraded Boer                                    LADY  - grade 3 boer                                                    HEBE - ungraded Boer cross
 WAS Due 27/03/11                                           WAS Due 28/03/11                                                        WAS due 03/04/11.
Had TWIN males 25/03/11                                 Had TWINS [male and female] 28/03/11                         Had TWIN males 31/03/11
Both weighed 4.5 kg each                                  Both weighed 4.75kg each                                        Both weighed 4.25kg each
     HONEY  Dairy cross                                           BEKA - Dairy cross                                              SOVEREIGN - ungraded Boer cross
             WAS Due 02/04/11                                        WAS Due 03/04/11                                                        WAS Due 7/04/11
Had TWINS [male and female] 02/04/11               Had TWINS [male and female] 03/04/11                             Had TWINS [males] 05/04/11
Male weighed 5kg, Female weighed 4.5kg           Male weighed 5kg, Female weighed 4kg                          Both males weighing 4.25kg each

LYN - grade 3 boer cross                                   VAL - grade 4 boer cross                                         BEANIE-grade 4 boer cross
WAS Due 08/04/11                                                WAS Due 08/04/11                                                   WAS Due 08/04/11
Had SINGLE female 05/04/11                                Had SINGLE female 06/04/11                                   Had TWINS [male and female] 06/04/11
      Female weighed 4kg                                               Female weighed 3kg                                     Female weighed 3 kg and male weighed 4kg

ANGELICA - ungraded Boer cross                          FENNEL - grade 4 boer cross                                  LIZZIE - ungraded Boer cross
   WAS Due 08/04/11                                             WAS Due 09/04/11                                                      WAS  Due 09/04/11
Had TWINS [male and female] 07/04/11                 Had TRIPLETS [females] 07/04/11                              Had TWINS [males] 08/04/11
Female weighed 4kg, male weighed 4kg              Females weighed 3kg, 3kg, 3.25kg                              Males weighed 4 kg and 4.75kg

    BEAUTY - dairy and angora cross                       
FARTHING - ungraded Boer cross                                     FRANCS - dairy Sanaan cross
         WAS  Due 13/04/11                                         WAS Due 14/04/11                                                        WAS due 16/04/11

Had TWINS [male and female] 10/04/11                Had TWINS [male and female] 10/04/11                              Had SINGLE female 16/04/11
Female weighed 4kg, Male weighed 4.5kg          Females weighed 3.75kg, male weighed 4.5kg.                        Weighed 4kg


                                                PHOTO TO BE DOWNLOADED
PESETAS - dairy Sanaan  cross                              DAMSON - grade 4 Boer cross                                       CLEO- Pure boer goat
         WAS  Due 28/04/11                                         WAS Due 13/04/11                                                        WAS due 17/04/11

Had TWINS [male and female] 10/04/11              Had TWINS [male and female] 12/04/11                              Had TRIPLETS [male and female] 14/04/11
Female weighed 4kg, Male weighed 4.75kg            Female weighed 3kg, male weighed 4.75kg.              Female weighed 2.8kg, male weighed 3kg
                                                                                                                                                        Third kid was still born nearly 12 hours later
TUMERIC - grade 3 Boer cross                              SAGE - grade 4 Boer cross                                              PARSLEYgrade 3 Boer cross
         WAS  Due 12/05/11                                            WAS Due 16/05/11                                                        WAS due 12/05/11

Had TWINS [male and female] 15/05/11                    Had SINGLE male 15/05/11                                          Had TWINS [females] 17/05/11
Female weighed 3kg, Male weighed 3.8kg                    Weighed 4kg                                                           Females weighed 3.5 kg and 4kg

PISTACHIO grade 4 Boer Cross                           TARRAGON - grade 3 Boer cross                                      POMMERGRANITE -grade 4 Boer cross
 WAS Due 26/05/11                                                    WAS Due 29/05/11                                                                WAS Due 09/06/11
Had TWINS [male and female] 25/05/11                  Had TWINS [Males] 31/05/11                                                  Had SINGLE [Female] 10/06/11
Female weighed 4kg, Male weighed 4.5kg                Males weighed 3kg and 2.8kg                                                   Female weighed 4kg 
                                                                               Fox took one of the kids

PHOTO TO BE DOWNLOADED                               
ANNETOPure Boer goat                                BETSY - grade 4 Boer cross                                                        
Due 20/06/11                                                          Due 22/06/11  
Had TWINS [females] 19/06/11                    Had TRIPLETS [2 Females, 1 male] 19/06/11
Female weighed 4kg, Male weighed 4.5kg              Females weighed 3kg and 2.8kg
                                                                            Male weighed   

The breeding goats that did not kid in 2011 for various reasons


             TEMPER                                                 IRIS                                                SORRELL                                               LOTTIE
WAS Due 29/05/11                                   WAS Due 02/04/11                                 WAS Due 09/04/11                                    WAS Due 27/05/11



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