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                                                            SCRAPIE MONITORED, CAE ACCREDITED, JOHNES MONITORED WITH SAC

                                    GALLERY OF OUR 2009-2010 BREEDING GIRLS
    These photos show the breeding females that we used with Hercules [our breeding male] and what kids they delivered

   - LOTTIE -  Pure bred Boer goat                                                      - CLEO - Pure bred Boer goat 
 Half sister to Hercules, Cleo and Anneto                                                 Sister to Anneto and half sister
Had twin boys [Teddy and Noisy] that she                                                        to Lottie and Hercules
abandoned and were both hand reared                                          Had twins-1 female[Cherry],1 male [Big Bow]
                - LADY  - grade 3 boer                                                                       - LYN - grade 3 boer
  Had 1 very large male [Lashes]                                                                     Had twins 1 male [Lyns Boy], 
                                                                                                                                            1 female -stillborn

                - IRIS    British Alpine cross                                                       - BEANIE  grade 4 Boer goat 
             Had 1 female [Ivy]                                                                        Twin sister to Val 
                                                                                                           Had twin male [Toggles and NoToggles]
                 - TEMPER  -                                                                                               - HONEY-
Herd book - Golden Guernsey X British Toggenburg                              Dairy X Golden Guernsey
Has twin males [Patches and Dark Stripe]                                       Had 1 female [Holly] and 1male [Honeys Boy]

                 -  FARTHING- ungraded                                                                      - BELLA -
  Dairy [mother Pesetas] X Boer cross                                                        Dairy cross [mother] X Angora [father] 
  Had twin males[Pants and Lightening]                                                       Had twin males [Pale and Golden]
                  - HEBE  - ungraded                                                                             - LIZZIE - ungraded
Dairy cross [mother Freya] X Boer cross                                            Boer grade 3 [mother Lady] X Boer cross 
 Had 1 male [Gebe]                                                                          Had 1 female [Lilac] and 1 male [Lizzies Boy]

               - SORREL - grade 2 Boer                                                                 - PESETAS -
 grade 3 boer cross [mother] X pure Boer [father]                           Saanan Dairy cross. Sister to Francs
Had triplets 1 female [Snowdrop],                                             Had triplet females [Pansy, Peony and Petunia]
2males [Less White and More White]                            

              - FENNEL -    grade 4                                                                    - BEAUTY  [in the middle] 
Saana Dairy cross [mother Francs] X Boer                                          Dairy [mother] X Angora [father]
Had triplets, 1 female [Fern],                                                                     Had twin males [Curly and Mo]
2 males [Tiny Tim and Lumpkin]                                                        

                 - SOVEREIGN -  ungraded                                                        - VIOLET -
Golden Guernsey [mother Ruby] X Boer cross                                  [in the front with her mother -Iris-behind her]
Had 1 female [Saffron],1 male [Sovereigns Boy]                         British Alpine cross [Mother Iris] X Boer cross 
                                                                                                        Had twin males [Whitey and Violets Other Boy]

                 - THYME    - grade 4                                                    - ANGELICA  ungraded
Dairy cross [mother Beka] X Boer                                                [feeding twins at time of photo]
Heavily pregnant with quads                                                     Boer cross grade 4 [mother Thyme] X Boer cross Had 3 males [Boerhead, Dark Ears, Light Ears],                                 Had twin females [Aronia and Aster]
1 stillborn female    

             - PHOENIX -  ungraded                                                                         - HALO
Golden Guernsey [mother Ruby] X Boer cross                                            Dairy X Golden Guernsey
Had 1 female [Poppy],1 male [Phoenixs Boy]                                               Had single female [Goldie]  

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